About Betaform Group

Mario Sanna, founder of the Betaform Group, arrived in Australia in the early 1970's bringing with him over 30 years experience and extensive knowledge from his native country Italy where he worked in the construction industry.

By the early 1980's, Mario had developed his business to be wide spread taking on projects throughout NSW, no matter how big or small. His integrated business approach included complete structure package development incorporating formwork, reinforcement and concrete.

Responding to the industry's need for competent formwork erection, Mario decide to restructure his company and specialise purely in this area. Following the overseas technology advancement in formwork and the necessity of speed, safety and accuracy, Betaform reduced the use of conventional systems and went into 'system forms' both for soffits and vertical structures.

Realising this demand, Mario invested heavily in 'Peri' (German made) and 'Faresin' (Italian made) systems, and with his profound knowledge of formwork, has been able to provide cost effective methods of construction along with the highest possible quality outcomes.

Betaform is located at Catherine Field. It houses all the materials, a fully equipped workshop for manufacturing, tower cranes, 2 rigid trucks and a prime mover with 2 trailers.